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Don’t be Fooled, the CIA was Only Half the Problem in Syria

By Steven MacMillan/New Eastern Outlook: 31 July, 2017 The news that President Trump has halted the CIA program to arm and train rebel groups in Syria should be viewed with caution, as the CIA...

Is the US Trying to Start a Hot War with Russia?

By Steven MacMillan/New Eastern Outlook: 26 July, 2017 Another day, another major escalation of tensions caused by US actions. The recent downing of a Syrian jet by a US F-18 Super Hornet, is just...

Humanity at risk as sperm levels among Western men plummet to record low

By RT: 26 July, 2017 Chemicals, diet, stress, and lifestyle choices have caused the sperm levels of Western men to plummet to less than 50 percent of what they were four decades ago, a new study has...

Stanford researchers working on centralized control over autonomous cars, drones

View Article by Xinhua… Photo Credits: Grendelkhan

Brzezinski Wanted NATO to Become the “Hub of a Globe-Spanning Web” of Security Pacts

By Steven MacMillan/New Eastern Outlook: 16 July, 2017 The end of May marked the death of a man who had been at the center of global affairs for decades. Zbigniew Brzezinski, born in Warsaw in the...

Syrians Return Home as the Terrorists are Pushed Out

By Steven MacMillan/New Eastern Outlook: 7 July, 2017 After six years of fighting a brutal and long war against foreign-backed terrorist proxy forces, the Syrian army – and its allies – have made...

France set to ban sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040

View Article by BBC News… Photo Credits: Mic

US life expectancy down for 1st time in 22 years – study

By RT: 8 December, 2016 The life expectancy of Americans decreased in 2015, compared to 2014 – the first drop in over two decades. Read More… Photo Credits: uvuphotos

Vatican’s Finance Chief, Cardinal Pell, Charged With Multiple Sex Assaults

By Tyler Durden (Zero Hedge): 29 June, 2017 The Vatican’s finance chief, Australia’s highest ranking Roman Catholic and one of Pope Francis’ most senior advisors, Cardinal George...

France to make vaccination mandatory from 2018, after Italy made 12 vaccines mandatory to attend state school

By 2018, parents in France will be forced by the state to ensure their children have received 11 different vaccines. Read Full Article by The Independent… Also See: Italy makes 12 vaccines...