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Turkey seeks extended mandate to attack ISIL

View Article – Press TV: 29 September, 2014 – Photo: US Department of State

Washington’s Secret Agendas

View Article – Paul Craig Roberts: 28 September, 2014 (c) PCR 2014 – Photo: Wikicommons

Renowned Scottish Painter to Return Queen’s Honor Over Britain’s Airstrikes Against IS

View Article – RIA Novosti: 28 September, 2014 – Photo: Wikicommons

Ukrainian President Sets Sights on Closer E.U. Ties

View Article – The New York Times: 25 September, 2014 – Photo: US Department of State

How the media shafted the people of Scotland

View Article – The Guardian: 16 September, 2014 (c) Guardian News and Media Ltd – Photo: Alasdair W

‘Stop funding ISIS’: Protesters accuse British govt of financing terror groups

View Article – RT: 22 September, 2014 – Photo: Redding Pa

Erekat: Israel ‘ignoring facts’ about Gaza ‘genocide’

View Article – The Times of Israel: 28 September, 2014 – Photo: US Department of State

French farmers in Brittany torch tax offices and dump unsold vegetables on streets in protest over falling living standards

View Article – The Independent: 20 September, 2014 – Photo: Wikicommons

Pro-Israel Lobby Ensures Israeli “Terrorist State” Operates with Legal Impunity

Author: Steven MacMillan/New Eastern Outlook – Photo: Israel Defense Forces At the beginning of last week Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced the intention of the Israeli...

BBC reporter caught red-handed manipulating video in Scottish indy campaign

View Article – Pride’s Purge: 11 September, 2014 – Photo: Sarah Marshall