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Iraq Accuses Britain of Delivering Weapons to Islamic State

View Article – Kurt Nimmo (Infowars): 24 February, 2015 – Photo: RAF Tornado GR4, Sergeant Ross Tilly (RAF)/MOD

Monsanto’s Trojan Horse will eat in EU Fields

By F. William Engdahl (New Eastern Outlook): 24 February, 2015 – Photo: Rosalee Yagihara from Vancouver, Canada Monsanto just succeeded in getting a mammoth Trojan Horse inside the European...

Weed is 114 times less deadly than alcohol, study finds

View Article – The Independent: 24 February, 2015 – Photo: United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Former Supreme Commander of NATO reveals that Daesh/ISIS is an Israeli project

View Article – Voltaire Network: 22 February, 2015 – Photo: Screenshot from CNN interview

HSBC accused of ‘engaging a systematic and profitable collusion in serious criminal activity’

View Article – The Independent: 22 February, 2015 – Photo: Newtown grafitti from Sydney, Australia

‘Tasteless’: BAE chief exec eyes lucrative arms deals in Mid East ISIS war

View Article – RT: 20 February, 2015 – Photo: Eurofighter Typhoons (Tim Felce, Airwolfhound)

Oregon Farmer Gets First Hemp Growing License in 75 Years

View Article – Christina Sarich (Natural Society): 21 February, 2015 – Photo: Aleks

Turkish military enters Syria to evacuate soldiers, relocate tomb

View Article – Reuters: 22 February, 2015 – Photo: Estonian Foreign Minister

Lord Mandelson ran Britain in 2009 from Rothschild villa in Corfu

View Article – The Telegraph: 7 August, 2009 – Photo: Chatham House

TERROR EXPERTS: ISIS Video Depicting Egyptian Execution Footage ‘Faked’

By 21st Century Wire (Shawn Helton): 21 February, 2015 Terror experts have ruled that ISIS video footage appearing to show the executions of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians as being fake… According...