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Monsanto’s Trojan Horse will eat in EU Fields

Monsanto 2.0

By F. William Engdahl (New Eastern Outlook): 24 February, 2015 – Photo: Rosalee Yagihara from Vancouver, Canada

Monsanto just succeeded in getting a mammoth Trojan Horse inside the European Union. A rotten compromise has just been approved, amid great fanfare from both pro-GMO and anti-GMO sides, which will allow national governments to individually decide whether or not to ban GMO crops on their lands. The German Environmental Ministry immediately announced that it plans to introduce a German ban on planting of all GMO crops. Sounds like a victory for sanity and a sound defeat for Monsanto of the USA, the world’s largest purveyor of patented GMO seeds and the toxic Roundup herbicide chemical paired to their seeds. In fact it is a stunning defeat and will result in a massive spread of GMO crops in the EU for the first time.

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First appeared:http://journal-neo.org/2015/02/24/monsanto-s-trojan-horse-will-eat-in-eu-fields/

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