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France FUNDED the Syrian Rebels – AKA ISIS Terrorists – To Overthrow Assad

Hollande Sarkozy 2.0

By Stuart Hooper (21st Century Wire): 15 November, 2015

How many times will history have to repeat itself before something changes?

Take a moment to read this short extract from The Guardian’s 2012 article, entitled ‘France funding Syrian rebels in new push to oust Assad‘, where we have highlighted the points of most concern in bold font:

“France has emerged as the most prominent backer of Syria’s armed opposition and is now directly funding rebel groups around Aleppo as part of a new push to oust the embattled Assad regime. Large sums of cash have been delivered by French government proxies across the Turkish border to rebel commanders in the past month, diplomatic sources have confirmed. The money has been used to buy weapons inside Syria and to fund armed operations against loyalist forces.

The French moves have stopped short of direct supply of weapons – a bridge that no western state has yet been willing to cross in Syria. But, according to western and Turkish officials as well as rebel leaders, the influx of money has made a difference in recent weeks as momentum on the battlefields of the north steadily shifts towards the opposition. Some of the French cash has reached Islamist groups who were desperately short of ammunition and who had increasingly turned for help towards al-Qaida aligned jihadist groups in and around Aleppo.”

Let that sink in for a moment.

Now to summarise, France sent ‘large sums of cash’ to fund an ‘armed opposition’ that was trying to overthrow the internationally recognised government of a sovereign country.

Moreover, those funds meant for a shift in momentum ‘towards the opposition’, ‘on the battlefields of the north’; northern battlefields that ISIS now calls home to their ‘caliphate’.

Finally, ‘some of the French cash’ reached ‘Islamists’ that were openly working with ‘al-Qaida aligned jihadist groups’.

Bottom line: France was funding terrorism.

Despite some of the inconsistencies and issues with the official story of the most recent Paris attacks, the thesis that suggests funding the destruction of nation states leads to the growth of instability and terrorism is absolutely valid.

Instead of standing behind French President Francois Hollande, perhaps the French people should demand his immediate impeachment and arrest? Anyone with the slightest modicum of common sense can clearly see that Western support for these ‘rebels’ allowed for the growth of ISIS.

The growth of ISIS has, in turn, facilitated the growth of international terrorism. Did any of the terrorists responsible for the devastating attack in France ever get their hands on this French cash? Was it used to buy the explosives and weapons?

Those questions are, unfortunately, far from ridiculous, they are incredibly plausible.

How do we think France might react if Syria decided to start funding rebel groups to overthrow what it might call ‘the Hollande regime’?

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