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Video: How the West Re-colonized China

By Global Research TV: 26 August, 2015   The “Chinese dragon” of the last two decades may be faltering but it is still hailed by many as an economic miracle. Far from a great advance...

Norway’s Biggest Bank Demands Cash Ban

By Tyler Durden (Zero Hedge): 24 January, 2016 The war on cash is escalating faster than many had imagined. Having documented the growing calls from the elites and propagandist explanations of the...

Gold is back in fashion after $15 trillion global decline

View Article by The Sydney Morning Herald… Photo Credits: Andrzej Barabasz (Chepry)

Iran: Lifting Sanctions and the Coming Betrayal

By Tony Cartalucci (New Eastern Outlook): 24 January, 2015 US policymakers have long conspired to broker what would be meant to appear as a historic deal with the political order in Tehran. It would...

TPP Trade Deal Will Cost US 448,000 Jobs, Say Researchers

By Derrick Broze (theAntiMedia.org): 22 January, 2016   One of the major purported selling points for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a supposed increase in new jobs as a result of the...

Israeli guard shoots dead 13-year-old Palestinian girl

View Article by Al Jazeera… Photo Credits: יעקב

Poles protest against government surveillance plans

View Article by Euronews… Photo Credits: Darwinek

Incremental Invasion of Syria: US ‘takes control’ of Rmeilan airfield in Syria

View Article by Al Jazeera… Photo Credits: Senior Airman Matthew Bruch

Rise of the Robots Will Eliminate More Than 5 Million Jobs

View Article by Bloomberg Business… Photo Credits: Steve Jurvetson

Iraqi Kurdistan president: Time has come to redraw Middle East boundaries

View Article by The Guardian… (c) Guardian News and Media Ltd Photo Credits: US Department of State