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Think Tank Explains How U.S. Government Could Attack Decentralized Digital Currencies

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By Michael Krieger (Liberty Blitzkrieg): 13 January, 2016

The RAND report goes one step further and suggests that governments should use advanced technical means to actively disrupt virtual currencies. That includes terrorist groups, but also peaceful deployments of digital currencies by other non-state actors, and a general war on privacy and encryption.

According to the RAND analysts, virtual currencies demonstrate a resilient means of storing data in a highly distributed fashion that is very hard to corrupt and could permit, for instance, information dissemination (blogs, social media, forums, news websites) that is resilient to nation-state interference.

The RAND report seems to suggest pre-emptive strikes and notes that “perhaps the best strategy for the United States and its allies to thwart a VC [virtual currency] deployment would be to target those properties of a VC that would most increase its acceptance, most notably transaction anonymity, security, and availability.”

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