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Concerning Correlation: GMO Mosquitoes Caused Zika Virus Outbreak?

Mosquitooo 2.0

By Stuart Hooper (21st Century Wire): 1 February, 2016

If there was ever an event that could have the GMO industry really worried – this could be it. The massive outbreak of the Zika Virus is causing a global panic, but some keen observers may have just found the source of the problem.

In 2012, British biotech company Oxitec released genetically modified mosquitoes (GMMs) with the aim of reducing the overall mosquito population that spreads diseases like dengue fever and the Zika Virus in northeast Brazil – ground zero of the current outbreak of Zika.

Dr Helen Wallace, director of GeneWatch, told the Guardian in 2012, “It’s a very experimental approach which has not yet been successful and may cause more harm than good.”

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Photo Credits: James Gathany, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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