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In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA

View Article by the Los Angeles Times… Photo Credits: DoD, Master Sgt. Ken Hammond, U.S. Air Force

Why the Western Elite Love Terror Attacks

By Steven MacMillan/The Analyst Report: 26 March, 2016 Instilling fear in the minds of the public has been a powerful tool of social control since the dawn of human civilization. Today, it is clear...

Clinton’s Email: Israeli Intel Claims Sunni-Shiite War Good for West

By Sputnik: 18 March, 2016 The intelligence service of Israel considers a potential Sunni-Shiite war in Syria a favorable development for the country and the West, according to an email archive of...

Another BBC Brexit ‘bias’ row: ‘Clear evidence’ of Beeb ‘in favour’ of remaining in EU

View Article by the Express… Photo Credits: Silje Bergum Kinsten

The Financial System Is A Larger Threat Than Terrorism

By Paul Craig Roberts: 8 March, 2016 In the 21st century Americans have been distracted by the hyper-expensive “war on terror.” Trillions of dollars have been added to the taxpayers’ burden and...