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The Genealogy of Trump’s U-Turn on Palestine

By Patrick Henningsen (21st Century Wire): 27 June, 2016 Has American political reality finally set in for GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump? With only days before the Republican Party’s...

EU Officials To Unveil ‘Ultimatum’ Blueprint As Final Solution For European Super-State

By Tyler Durden (Zero Hedge): 27 June, 2016 It appears The Brits may have dodged more than a bullet in their decision to leave The EU. The foreign ministers of France and Germany are reportedly due...

THOUGHT POLICE: US Border Control Wants to Study Your Facebook, Twitter Accounts

By Patrick Henningsen (21st Century Wire): 29 June, 2016   If this latest proposal from the US becomes policy, it could be a major watershed point for the globalized police state, allowing...

John Pilger on Why the British said NO to Europe

View Article by John Pilger… Photo Credits: www.vexels.com

We thought the best thing about Brexit would be avoiding TTIP – but the fight isn’t over yet

View Article by The Independent… Photo Credits:  horrapics  

Brexit Vote will Hopefully Trigger the Breakup of the EU and NATO; Avoid WW3

By Paul Craig Roberts: 24 June, 2016 The Brexit Vote: What does it mean? Hopefully, a breakup of the EU and NATO and, thereby, the avoidance of World War III. The EU and NATO are evil institutions....

After Legalizing Recreational Weed, Teen Use in Colorado Lower Than Rest of Country

By  Carey Wedler (The Anti-Media): 22 June, 2016 Cannabis prohibitionists have long cautioned that legalizing the plant will inevitably lead to increased use among teens, couching their restrictive...

Brexit Referendum Is Non-Binding; UK Parliament Not Voters has Final Say

By Stephen Lendman (Global Research): 23 June, 2016 All the fuss and bother about Brexit largely ignores its non-binding status – parliament, not voters deciding if Britain stays or leaves the EU,...

“Military Schengen”: Washington Calls for the Further Integration of NATO

By Steven MacMillan/New Eastern Outlook: 17 June, 2016 NATO is a threat to world peace. Its incessant war games and its addiction to antagonising the Russian bear are putting the future of the world...