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Religion of Terror? Leaked ISIS Docs Show 70% of Recruits Don’t Even Know What Islam Is

Qurrann 2.0

By Claire Bernish (The Free Thought Project): 15 August, 2016

Shredding off the self-propagated notion that the Islamic State is comprised of radical Muslims, the vast majority of the group’s recruits have only superficial knowledge about the religion of Islam — some even purchased the book “Islam for Dummies” just prior to joining.

An analysis of leaked Islamic State documents obtained by Syrian opposition site Zaman al-Wasl and undertaken by the Associated Press found 70 percent of recruits at the height of the group’s push for members only possessed basic knowledge of Shariah, laws derived from verses in the Quran, and “hadith,” the words and actions of the prophet Mohammed.

While 24 percent had attained an intermediate understanding of the religion, a mere 5 percent were considered advanced students of Islam.

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Photo Credits: Erik Albers

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