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Donald Trump Accepts Russia’s Role in DNC Hacking – Aide

By Sputnik: 9 January, 2017 President-elect Donald Trump acknowledges that Russia was to blame for hacking the Democratic National Committee and Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta, incoming Chief...

Bitcoin was the best-performing currency of 2016

View Article by Science Alert… Photo Credits: Davidstankiewicz

Assad Still Stands, As Obama Prepares to Leave Office

By Steven MacMillan/New Eastern Outlook: 9 January, 2017 “The future of Syria must be determined by its people, but President Bashar al-Assad is standing in their way. His calls for dialogue and...

Concerts and Sports Stadiums Now Using Iris and Fingerprint Scans to Track and Trace Fans

By Melissa Dykes (The Daily Sheeple): 28 December, 2016 It’s bad enough we can’t go to any major events in this country without having our bags thoroughly checked and having to walk through...

Obama Interfered in the Brexit Vote, Not Putin

By Steven MacMillan/New Eastern Outlook: 3 January, 2017 With each passing day, the anti-Russian hysteria in the western world is becoming more absurd and outlandish. For the last few months, we have...

The walls have ears: Warrant granted for Amazon Echo recordings

By RT: 28 December, 2016 A murder in Arkansas may change the way people behave around smart devices. A warrant has been issued for an Amazon Echo, revealing that Amazon may retain recordings on a...

What is Henry Kissinger Up To? Eroding Russia’s Sovereignty?

By Paul Craig Roberts: 28 December, 2016 The English language Russian news agency, Sputnik, reports that former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is advising US president-elect Donald Trump how...