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Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, NY: Passports and IDs Mysteriously Discovered in the Wake of Terror Attacks

By Professor Michel Chossudovsky/Global Research: 27 May, 2017 This article reviews the “mysterious” phenomenon of IDs and Passports of terror suspects routinely discovered (often in the rubble)...

Vitamin B12 as Protection for the Aging Brain

View Article by the New York Times… Photo Credits: Shutterstock.com

Seven in 10 Brits support ‘world government’ to protect humanity from global catastrophes

View Article by the Independent… Photo Credits: US DOD, LOC

Blowback? Manchester bomber linked to terrorist group which UK allegedly backed

By RT: 25 May, 2017 Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi and his father, Ramadan, had long-standing links to a violent jihadist group which may have had British backing for the 2011 Libyan war and...

Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi known to authorities

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Israeli Minister Calls for Assad’s Assassination, After US Compares Syrian Gov to Nazi Regime

By Steven MacMillan/New Eastern Outlook: 25 May, 2017 For the duration of the Syrian proxy war, Israel has been a key player in the destabilization of the Syrian state. From providing medical support...

$100 in bitcoin in 2010 now worth almost $73 million

By RT: 22 May, 2017 After soaring nearly 65 percent in the last month, the digital currency bitcoin smashed the historic $2,000 mark on Saturday. The total market cap of the asset has likewise...

WannaCry Cyberattack: Deep State Assault on Cryptocurrencies?

By James Tracy (Global Research): 21 May, 2017 An international assault on computer users provides a illuminating vehicle for interpreting the dubious political and economic constructs, presented by...

Avocados Could be Key in Avoiding Metabolic Syndrome, Numerous Ailments

By Julie Filder (Natural Society): 18 May, 2017 Researchers recommend that you eat avocado daily. Did you know that in past studies, avocado-eaters have been shown to be healthier than non-eaters?...

10 Signs Trump Is An Authoritarian Globalist Stooge

By Jeff Paul/Activist Post: 19 May, 2017 Remember when it was a conspiracy theory that banks, multinational corporations and politicians are working to create a one-world order? Now, not only is it...