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Trump Courts Henry Kissinger Again

Kis Ttr 2.0

By Kurt Nimmo (ADE): 10 May, 2017

President Trump’s meeting with arch globalist and major war criminal Henry Kissinger today is another sign he has no intention of draining the proverbial swamp.

It’s yet another serial betrayal for those who actually believed Trump would come through on his campaign promises, even though he displayed a sort of intellectual schizophrenia on the issues during the election and flip-flopped like a gilled trout after assuming office.

The establishment is dwelling on Trump’s firing of FBI director Comey. It has said virtually nothing about the significance of a photo op meeting with the guy who bombed Hanoi at Christmas, made the genocidal reign of Pol Pot possible, and enabled the brutal dictator Pinochet, to name but three of his crimes.

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Photo Credits: The White House

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