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EU could give police direct access to cloud data in wake of terror attacks

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US strikes pro-govt forces in Syria, shoots down drone

By RT: 8 June, 2017 The US-led coalition has struck Syrian pro-government forces near its training base of At Tanf, and shot down an armed drone outside its deconfliction zone. The previous airstrike...

Trump Sword Dances in Saudi as the Children of Yemen Die

By Steven MacMillan/The Analyst Report: 9 June, 2017 If anyone thought that the Trump presidency couldn’t get any more absurd, then think again. The Oompa Loompa-in-chief was in Saudi Arabia last...

Saudi Arabia Behind Deadly Attacks in Tehran – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

By Sputnik: 7 June, 2017 Iran’s Revolutionary Guards accused Saudi Arabia of being behind the twin terrorist attacks in Tehran. “This terrorist attack happened only a week after the...

Did Trump Secretly Attend Bilderberg?

By Kurt Nimmo (ADE): 4 June, 2017 On Saturday morning, as H. R. McMaster and Wilbur Ross were at the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virgina, Donald Trump was up the road playing golf at Trump...

Theresa May says the internet must now be regulated following London Bridge terror attack

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Trump believes in climate change but wants a better deal – US ambassador to UN

By RT: 4 June, 2017 President Trump is aware of climate change, but will “take care” of it on America’s own terms, US Envoy to the UN Nikki Haley told CNN. In response to Trump’s pullout from...

Bitcoin Could Top $100,000 in 10 Years, Says Previously Accurate Analyst

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The Military-Industrial Complex is in Love with Trump

By Steven MacMillan/New Eastern Outlook: 1 June, 2017 Trump’s first trip to a foreign country as US President was anything but dull. During his time in Saudi Arabia, there was sword dancing,...

Excess iron linked to Alzheimer’s disease

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