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Exxon, BP and Shell back carbon tax proposal to curb emissions

View Article by the Guardian… © Guardian News and Media Ltd Photo Credits: WClarke

Another Step Toward Devastating War

By Paul Craig Roberts: 19 June, 2017 An idiot American pilot shot down a Syrian fighter that was attacking ISIS, thus confirming that Washington is not fighting ISIS, as Washington claims, but is...

Syria, Iran and N. Korea: Will Trump Attempt to Finish the Neocon Hitlist?

By Steven MacMillan/New Eastern Outlook: 17 June, 2017 In Donald Trump’s short time in office, he has already shown his propensity to use military force. From dropping the largest non-nuclear bomb...

Video: Information is a Weapon in the War of Terror

By James Corbett for Global Research TV: 9 June, 2017 Photo Credits: MOD,  Open Government Licence v1.0 (OGL)  

US-led Coalition Appears to be Using White Phosphorus in Syria and Iraq

By Antiphon Freeman (News.Groopspeak): 12 June, 2017 President Trump is now doing the unthinkable – in his war on terror, he has resulted to the use of chemical weapons. Multiple reports are...

The Qatar/Gulf Crisis Has Everything to Do with Iran

By James Corbett (The International Forecaster): 10 June, 2017 So what does a geopolitical bombshell look like, exactly? Well, something like what took place this past week in the Gulf. Namely: Saudi...

How Britain Helped Create ISIS

By Steven MacMillan/New Eastern Outlook: 9 June, 2017 Britain is gripped by fear, panic and anger, after being struck by three terror attacks in the space of three months. Innocent men, women and...

EU could give police direct access to cloud data in wake of terror attacks

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US strikes pro-govt forces in Syria, shoots down drone

By RT: 8 June, 2017 The US-led coalition has struck Syrian pro-government forces near its training base of At Tanf, and shot down an armed drone outside its deconfliction zone. The previous airstrike...

Trump Sword Dances in Saudi as the Children of Yemen Die

By Steven MacMillan/The Analyst Report: 9 June, 2017 If anyone thought that the Trump presidency couldn’t get any more absurd, then think again. The Oompa Loompa-in-chief was in Saudi Arabia last...